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Who we are, and how it works !

Insta Worthy Selfies & Sweets is a Woman Owned Small Business in the New River Valley of Virginia. Our store has various picture perfect setups to give your social media the best updated images. We also sell bulk candy and a variety of sweets and treats!

Selfie Studio

Customers pay a fee to access over 20 custom photography photo sets. They can take photos with friends and family or place their phones in the ring light stands at each station to take photos of themselves. 

The setups are fun interactive sets that are sure to make you smile and give you the ingredients to make some epic selfies!

Professional photographers can also access the studio for a separate fee


We carry unique candies from around the world !! We have pre-packaged sweet items as well as drinks and candy sold by weight so that  you can pick the perfect mixture or sweets tailored to you!

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